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Highly irregular is the time I found a human foot in a toaster oven. This is just odd.

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using nothing more than newton’s laws of gravitation, we astronomers can confidently predict that several billion years from now our home galaxy, the milky way, will merge with our neighbouring galaxy, andromeda. because the distances between the stars are so great compared to their sizes, few if any stars in either galaxy will actually collide.
any life on the worlds of that far off future should be safe, but they will be treated to an amazing billion-year-long lightshow.
a dance of a half a trillion stars, to music first heard on one little world, by a man who had but one true friend.

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It’s Not Pitbull, It’s Amy Poehler

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make me choose
ray holt or charles boyle (asked by laffbending)

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So I heard it’s Earth Day


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Dead Poets Society (1989)

This scene breaks my heart and makes my eyes leak every time.

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